In February 2016 the global temperatures rose for the first time above the critical two degrees level. This is just one of the signals highlighting the urgency to respond to global environmental change and the urgency to come up with new politics, practices and imaginations. As we live in a thoroughly visual culture, different means of visualizing environmental change provide new avenues to explore.

We believe visual representations have the power to make complex eco-social dynamics understandable, to inspire and touch people, to feed imagination and to convey powerful messages from our changing environment. We wish to thank each and all of you who have been part of the Subzero experience at some point. We hope to inspire by the ideas presented here.

Oulanka research station, May 2016

The SubZero Collective


The main goal of the SubZero network is to support sustainable development by increasing visual expertise in science and art in identifying and anticipating global environmental changes and to increase public awareness of crucial environmental issues. The network aims to increase interaction between science and arts by developing inter-disciplinary education and research.

Thumbnail image by Riikka Marttila, Raymond Salaber & Tiina Sihto (2012) : “The future – you are cordially invited” illustrations © subzero collective